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From the Rule of St Benedict

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The Parish is divided into four districts in the care
of the following:-
   Parish Fathers
     -  Abbot Martin Shipperlee OSB (Parish Priest)

     -   Father Ambrose McCambridge OSB (acting Parish Priest)
     -  Father Timothy OSB

     -  Father Dominic OSB

     -  Father Robin Burgess (on loan from the diocese)

 Permanent Deacon
      -  Deacon Gordon Nunn

         Deacon Ian Edwards

     -  Marianne Cuthbertson

Parish Secretary
     -   Maggi

Parish Pastoral Coordinator
     -  Krysia Carr

Parish Youth Coordinator


A map of the districts can be found here and is
also available at the parish office.

The Parish Office is located in the house next to the church
at 2 Marchwood Crescent, W5 2DZ.


Telephone: 020 8862 2160
Fax:              020 8862 2166
The office is open from 9:00am til 12.30pm Monday to Friday, and covered by an answer phone at other times.

Emergency sick calls phone 07702 886276


updated 12th Novemberr 2012


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The Trust of St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing’ is a registered charity no 242715