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From the Rule of St Benedict

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Ealing Abbey parish runs a course for engaged couples consisting of six evening session on Thursdays plus a half day on Saturday. The course is run by a team of married catechists from a variety of backgrounds. The material used has been prepared by The Pastoral & Matrimonial Renewal Centre Australia and has a very high reputation. The course will help you as a couple to reflect on your relationship in the light of the Church's teaching on Marriage. You are only regarded as having attended if you have come for the entire course.

The engaged couples course is run three times a year at Ealing Abbey.

The cost of the course is £80 per couple but you can apply to the priest for a bursary if you feel unable to meet this cost in full.


Thursday 12January  8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 19 January    8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 26 January    8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 2 February  


Thursday 9 February  8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 16 February  8.00-10.00pm
Saturday 18 February  3.00pm - 8.30pm
Thursday 11 May          8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 18 May       8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 25 May     8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 1 June        8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 8 June           8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 15 June          8.00-10.0pm
Saturday 17 June        3.00pm - 8.30pm
Thursday 14 September     8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 21 September 8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 28 September   8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 5 October   8.00-10.00pm
Thursday 12 October          


Thursday 19 October       8.00-10.00pm
Saturday 21 October     3.00 - 8.30pm

The Saturday session includes attendance at the 6.00pm vigil Mass and an evening reception from 7.00 to 8.30pm to celebrate the end of the course and the forthcoming weddings.

Attendance at all sessions on the day is compulsory to receive a certificate.  Catch ups will be offered only if absence is due to emergency or sickness and not more than one session.  If more than one session is missed, catch up will happen at the next course.

Please contact the parish office for further details or complete this form and return to Ealing Abbey.

Reviewed 2 September 2016


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