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From the Rule of St Benedict

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More and more young Catholics seem to be giving serious consideration as to the best way that they can live out their faith, whether as lay members of the Church, or as priests, or in one of the religious orders.

One of the responses that the monks of Ealing Abbey make to this welcome situation is to offer Monastic Experience Weekends to young Catholic men. Over a 48-hour period they have the opportunity to spend time with other enquirers who are also seeking to know God. s will in their lives, to have some quiet time away from their everyday activities, to pray and to have a taste, at least, of Benedictine life.

The feedback that we have received is that these weekends are a worthwhile exercise in helping our visitors to clarify their thinking about many important decisions in their lives . not least with regard to a possible vocation to the religious or monastic life, or to the priesthood.

The format of the weekends is as nearly as it can be 'the monastic round' and is based on what monks have always done for men who think that God may be calling them: simply invite them to come and see. If they do, they will have the chance to share in the community's liturgy at Mass and in the Divine Office, and to spend some time in private prayer. There are usually a few short talks and an opportunity for reading. They are invited to have a taste of the community's life and, if they wish, to speak about their own lives.

If you would like to know more, or if you would like to stay at the monastery with a view to discerning your vocation, (either for an organised weekend or at some other time) please phone or write to: Abbot Martin Shipperlee, Ealing Abbey, Charlbury Grove London W5 2DY - Tel. (020) 8862 2100 e-mail: Fr Abbot c/o "dmartin@ealingabbey dot org dot uk".


updated 10th January 2011





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