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From the Rule of St Benedict

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According to the 'Statutes and Declarations of the Oblates of St Benedict', by making an Act of Oblation adult lay persons 'spiritually affiliate themselves with a Benedictine monastery and its community in order to lead a more perfect Christian life in the world according to the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict'. Candidates enter upon a one year period of noviceship at the time they are enrolled in the Scapular. If they persevere in their desires to live in accordance with the spirit of the Rule they are permitted to make their final act of Oblation. At this time the Oblates fill out a formula of profession which is retained in the archives of the monastery of their choice. They also add to their baptismal name that of a Benedictine saint they wish to have as a special patron. The Statutes spell out in detail the religious practices expected of an Oblate. Those emphasized today are frequent participation at Mass, daily recitation or attendance at some part of the Divine Office, and spiritual reading. Oblates are under the spiritual guidance of the monastery with which they are affiliated and are expected, when possible, to attend monthly meetings of the Oblates and to make an annual renewal of their Act of Oblation.

Oblates are ordinary lay people who live their daily lives under the influence and inspiration of St Benedict and his Rule, in so far as this is possible. They can live anywhere, and not just close to Ealing.

There is a flourishing group of Oblates at Ealing who meet regularly during the year. The Oblate Master is Fr Timothy Gorham.





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