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From the Rule of St Benedict

The Monastery > The Arms of Ealing abbey

The Royal College of Arms made the following Grant of Arms to Ealing Abbey in 1956: "Sable a cross potent gules fimbriated or; on a chief of the last between two ravens also sable, a pierced cinquefoil also gules, each foil charged with an ermine spot gold". The arms were designed by the late Dom Aelred Barnes, who also used heraldic symbols to trace Ealing's history and tradition.

The black field of the lower part of the shield is taken from St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, the first Benedictine house to be founded on English soil.

The survival of the English Benedictine Congregation after the Reformation is recorded by the cinquefoil from the arms of Abbot de Cavarel, whose hospitality enabled the community of St Gregory's to be built up at Douai in France. The ermine spots on the cinquefoil refer to the five members of St Gregory's who were martyred at Tyburn (Blessed George Gervase, St John Roberts, Blessed Maurus Scott, Blessed Philip Powell, Blessed Thomas Pickering)

Ealing's derivation from Downside is shown by the red cross, bordered with gold, which reproduces the colours in Downside's arms, although not the design of their cross.

Finally, the ravens are included as fitting symbols of St Benedict himself.





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